Experience Matters. Results Matter.

County Executive George Latimer

Josh Nathan has accomplished a lot for Rye, and we need to elect him to the City Council so that he can do even more. He is deeply devoted to our community, and he has consistently demonstrated wise and inclusive decision-making. He has a clear vision for Rye flourishing as one of the finest communities on the Sound Shore, a vision that is directly connected to the ideas of the residents and the history and character of Rye. I’m very excited about having Josh Nathan on the City Council.”

State Senater Shelley B. Mayer

Josh Nathan understands the issues and has the proven skills to tackle them.

State Assembly Member Steve Otis

Josh Nathan always brought thoughtful decision making based on community participation to his School Board service; he'll do it again on the Council.

County Legislator Catherine Parker

When I heard of the vacancy, I immediately thought of Josh Nathan and did not hesitate to reach out, knowing that even those who are new to the community and may not be familiar with the depth of his accomplishments for Rye would quickly understand that what he brings to local government will be a welcome and calming addition.”

“The choice Rye has to make should be based on who can take mountains of information, hear conflicting opinions, and then make the best decisions for our community. That person clearly is Josh Nathan. Josh saved the City millions by settling a more than decade long lawsuit with The Osborn. His track record, smarts, and temperament have earned him a place on the Rye City Council.”

Rye City Democratic Committee Chair Shari Punyon

Josh Nathan is the unanimous choice of the Rye City Democratic Committee. His collaborative spirit, temperament, passion for good governance, and extraordinary record of accomplishments for Rye will be a tremendous asset to the City. Josh Nathan is a bridge for bringing people together; we are thrilled that he is willing to serve Rye again.”

Experience Matters. Results Matter.